Home Security Systems

Home security systems are designed to protect you and your family from a variety of risks and threats to your safety – both from the outside and the inside.

With countless options and configurations to choose from, you can design a system that fits your needs and accomplishes your goals for safety and security. You can choose a traditional system that requires outside monitoring or, if you prefer to handle those tasks yourself, you can elect to omit the need for monitoring.

Elite Audio & Video Automation, based in Draper, Utah, assists both residential and commercial customers with a full range of automation, smart home and security system design and installation services.

Home Security Options

With today’s advanced automation technology, Elite Audio & Video Automation can design a security system to provide virtually any functionality you want.

Smart (electronic) door locks, motion sensors, glass breakage sensors, infrared night vision cameras, video doorbells, keyless entry, flood sensors, two-way intercoms, smoke detectors, carbon dioxide monitors and even severe weather sensors are all options you can consider.

You can control your system using a traditional wall-mounted keypad, a touchscreen remote, key fobs or any electronic device, such as your smartphone or tablet. If you prefer voice commands, you can select system components that use voice identification, to ensure only those individuals you designate can activate system features and functions.

Video Surveillance

Adding video surveillance to your home security automation system provides an extra layer of protection and convenience.

Adding motion-activated video cameras to the exterior of your home allows you to see who comes and goes, and take note of any intruders or would-be criminals before they have a chance to do any damage or harm.

Inside the home, you can use video technology to see who the kids bring home after school or to keep an eye on your pets during the day. Video cameras can alert you to little ones who shouldn’t be out of bed and help you keep an eye on an aging relative who prefers the independence of living in their own home. You can design your interior video components with motion sensors as well as continuous or on-demand streaming.

Smart Home Security Without the Surveillance Contract

Today’s advanced technology eliminates the needs for costly, long-term monitoring contracts. You can set your system up for professional monitoring if you want to. However, this extra expense and inconvenience isn’t necessary with the proper system design and installation.

Our team can program sensors to send alerts to your smartphone via text or call. You can have alerts go to anyone you prefer and make changes as necessary. If you’re going on vacation, for example, you can switch alerts to go to a neighbor or nearby family member instead.

For smoke alarms and carbon monoxide sensors, your system can be programmed to alert the authorities, open windows, activate fire sprinkler systems or whatever actions are most appropriate under the circumstances.

In Salt Lake County, Draper and Park City, Elite Audio & Video Automation is the go-to expert in home security system design and installation. Contact us today to learn more or to request a personalized cost estimate.

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