Savant Home Automation

Homeowners looking for luxury home automation systems look to Savant for all their smart home needs. As a certified installer of Savant home automation systems, Elite Audio & Video has helped many northern Utah homeowners make their homes smarter and more responsive to their needs.

Home Audio & Home Video

For many years, Savant has dedicated itself to fostering a reputation as the Cadillac of home automation systems. They focus heavily on their audio and video capabilities, so when you invest in a Savant home theater system, you get an exceptional, high-resolution picture that’s hard to find in any other capacity.

Plus, with Savant’s video tiling app, you can watch up to nine different channels at the same time —you’ll never miss another goal!

Savant’s home audio products deliver unparalleled sound quality, and they also give you the option of choosing a system with extra power — perfect for special movie nights, outdoor parties or just enjoying music throughout the house.

Modern living room with TV

Savant UX

Savant is known for its first-rate user experience, making home automation simple. You can use your smartphone, tablet, the Savant remote control or voice activation.

The system allows you to bundle functions together as well. For instance, when you leave the house and you want the lights to go off, the heat to go down and the doors to lock, you can set up a command that covers all these and more.

Remote Controls

Savant has brought new meaning to the term “remote control.”

Savant’s home automation system allows you to set up separate controls for all your family members, as well as others who have access to your home, such as the nanny, cleaning team, repair people, dog walker, etc.

You can customize the settings and permissions for each person who comes to your home.

Other Savant Home Automation System Functions

Utah homeowners also rely on Savant for all the other smart home system functions they have come to expect from today’s top technology. These include control over the lighting inside and outside your home, control over the heating and air conditioning, the ability to raise and lower blinds and shades throughout the house, and more.

But Savant can also control even more specialized home systems. For example, you can automate your pool’s cleaning and filter functions, you can set your hot tub to begin heating a particular time of day and you can even program your pet door to unlock to let your pooch out into the back yard. Once Fido comes back inside, simply lock the door behind them remotely.

The Convenience of Savant

To learn more about Savant home automation systems, including home audio systems and home theater systems, home security systems and security cameras, contact Elite Audio & Video Automation, a Savant authorized dealer. We can help make living in your Utah home even more luxurious.

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