Automated Lighting and Shades

Automated lighting and shades increase ambiance and provide security for your home, or business all while reducing your energy costs.

Depending on your goals, you can automate as many (or as few) of your interior and exterior lights as you prefer, including lamps, ceiling fans and more. Automated shade controls provide privacy and convenience while improving the comfort of your office or home.

The experienced home automation team at Elite Audio & Video can help you design the smart home system that achieves your goals without busting your budget.

Automated Lighting Control Systems

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The convenience of automated lighting is one of the major selling points, along with safety, security, comfort and cost savings.

Outdoors, lighting automation can deter would-be criminals and light the path for family and friends approaching at night. Indoors, voice-activated lights eliminate fumbling around for lamps or switches and minimize the risk of tripping and falling in the dark.

You also have the option of creating “scenes” to match your favorite activities, such as reading, watching TV, crafting, gaming or doing homework. If you leave on vacation, you can program your lights to mimic your regular patterns or to switch on and off at random times, just as you normally would yourself.

Automated Window Shade Controls

Automatic shade controls and motorized blinds provide ultimate convenience while providing privacy, increasing home security and reducing your energy use. Blinds and shades can be programmed to operate on a voice or touch command or follow a schedule based on time-of-day. You can even include light or temperature sensors that trigger motorized blinds to during the heat of the day or when a particular window is in direct sunlight.

You can control your shades with a simple touchscreen remote, a smartphone or tablet, or with basic voice commands, depending on the configuration you prefer. You can also add window shade automation into scenes. Imagine setting a scene for waking up in the morning, as your blinds automatically open to let nature’s light shine through, or one for watching a movie in your home theatre room, where a few taps bring down blackout shades for the most realistic cinematic experience.

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Choosing a Utah Automated Shades & Lighting Controls Expert

Whether you plan to add lighting and window shade controls to a whole home automation system, or you simply want these features to improve the comfort and convenience of your home, trust the experts at Elite Audio & Video Automation to assist you.

We are northern Utah’s smart home automation experts. From our headquarters in Draper, we serve customers in Park City, Utah and throughout Salt Lake County. We design and install whole home audio, video, temperature controls, home security and all types of smart home systems. We also offer a full line of business integrated systems, including video distribution. Contact us today to request a personalized cost breakdown for your automated lighting and shades, or any other building automation system features you desire.

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