Control 4 Home Automation in Utah

Control 4 has long been a leader on the home automation front, bringing the kind of convenience and comfort that homeowners everywhere have come to expect. This smart-home service provider known far and wide for its reliability makes life infinitely easier for users. In northern Utah, Elite Audio & Video Automation is a top Control 4 professional installer.

Compatible Home Automation Systems

While the benefits of purchasing a whole-home automation system are clear, Control 4 has a reputation throughout the industry for its amazing compatibility, integrating seamlessly with more than 10,000 other devices. So if you already have a Nest smart thermostat or Sonos speakers — no problem!

You can pick and choose from among Control 4 offerings à la carte, and your smart home system features will have no issues talking to your other technology.

Control 4 Home Automation

Control 4: Tops for Ease of Use

Another great perk of a Control 4 home automation system is how their new operating system, OS 3, is easier than ever to use, allowing you to customize your dashboard to keep the apps you use most front and center.

In fact, Control 4’s interface was specifically designed to be more accessible to everyone — not just the tech-savvy. To that end, voice controls are also an option.

If you ever need tech support for your Control 4 system, they have that covered too. Control 4 is known for its friendly responsiveness, but because they use a cloud management system that monitors and resolves your home automation functions 24/7, you may never even need tech support.

Home Security

Control 4 is a favorite among homeowners in northern Utah looking for a top-notch security system. With Control 4, you can check on your home security cameras, lock or unlock doors, turn indoor or outdoor lights on or off — all from your system’s dashboard or your smartphone.

A Control 4 home security system can also be set up to alert you to any breeches of security, whether you are at home or away, or to let you know when your kids have arrived home safely from school.

Smart Audio & Video

The home audio and home video components of the Control 4 smart home system are the fun parts of owning a home automation system.

You can play music in any room of the house, change the song that’s playing or raise or lower the volume, right from your phone. But even more exciting is what you can do with your home theater system. With a top-quality screen, speakers, seating, and acoustics, your home theater will be better than the multiplex downtown — and less crowded.

Authorized Control 4 Dealer

Regardless of whether you are interested in whole-home automation or only automating some of your home’s functions such as lighting, blinds or heat and air conditioning, Control 4 is an excellent choice.

Contact the home automation company known for customer satisfaction — Elite Audio & Video Automation — to get your Control 4 home automation system installed right away.

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