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Homeowners in northern Utah looking to make their lives safer, simpler and more convenient should call Elite Audio & Video to find out more about home automation. No longer a newfangled idea, smart home systems have become refined and specialized. For this reason, it’s a good idea to talk to a home automation company before you decide what type of home controls will work best for you.

Smart Home Systems for New Builds

If you’re a developer building a new community in northern Utah, you will definitely want to wire your new homes with smart home systems. It’s just expected now.

While smart home installation is easiest on new builds, retrofitting is not only possible, but common. However, some smart home gadgets such as central vacuum systems are much easier to install while the home is being built.

Our home automation company can also wire each room for sound and install speakers in the ceilings. That way, homeowners don’t have to choose between lower-quality wireless speakers and running ugly wires throughout every room.

If you’ve just moved into your home, however, our home automation company can still turn your house into a smart home. How?


Retrofitting with Home Automation Systems

We sell and install two major brands of smart home systems — Control 4 and Savant. Both are fabulous home automation systems, and choosing which one you want often comes down to individual features and customer preference and comfort.

When homeowners are considering retrofitting home controls, they may not always want a whole-home system. The reason could be the cost, but it also could be that they prefer to pick and choose which smart home services they want.

Both Control 4 and Savant offer smart home features such as lighting and HVAC control, home theater audio and video control, home security systems, lighting controls and intercoms.

However, some homeowners have already invested in some DIY home automation options such as a Nest smart thermostat or a Ring doorbell, and they are looking for a home automation provider whose technology can easily integrate into their existing features. Both Control 4 and Savant integrate well with many third-party home automation technology providers, but one option might do better with your particular products. Talk to us to find out more.

But even if you’re starting from square one with home automation, you may only be interested in a home security system, a smart thermostat, Lutron shades or lighting, or one or two other functions. We can discuss these options with you when you call our smart home installation company.

The Best in Smart Home Installation Services

Most customers agree that regardless of which brand you go with, both Control 4 and Savant are highly reliable when installed properly by an authorized dealer. Elite Audio & Video Automation is a top local provider of smart home installation services. We love making Utah homeowners’ lives easier with home automation services. Call us today.

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